The Heytvelt is back online

Last February I made a video poking fun at the Heytvelt controversy at Gonzaga… and about two weeks later I was compelled to take the video offline…

Long story short, because Gonzaga University is one of the many clients of the production company that I work for, my bosses were adamant that me creating a video poking fun at Gonzaga would negatively impact them. It was made very clear to me (in a respectful way) that my decision to leave the video online could potentially force them to decide between renewing a contract for work with Gonzaga, and terminating my employment. Regardless of the fact that I thought they were wrong, I complied.

I’ve since decided that taking the video offline in the first place was a mistake; a mistake that I am now correcting. Regardless of how it may impact my current employment situation, I am putting this video back online.

By no means do I consider “The Heytvelt” to be high art. The primary reason that I am putting the video back online is because it is my right to do so. End of story.

Without further ado, here is “The Heytvelt”:


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