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Possible downtime

I am switching over to a new web hosts in the coming days, so the site may go down for a bit while the change takes place. If the forums get messed up again during this switch, have no fear: I’ll be able to use my newfound 1337 php skillz to fix things up in no time!

Also, if everything goes according to plan, I should be releasing a couple new shorts by the end of next week! Graned, things with me rarely “go according to plan”, so we’ll see… 


Crazy times

Well, it’s been a pretty crazy few months. Here is the short version: I finally got married, quit my job (and got a new one!) and have been traveling all over the place (Panama, the Sundance Film Festival, Massachusetts, New Orleans)… hence the lack of updates. I’m excited that the WGA strike is finally over, which means that the gears are going to start turning again on Gamers and my *almost* completed feature spec script. Meanwhile, “The New Adventures of Ben and Jared part II” is on the horizon… as well as some other new videos for the site. Oh, and for those who are curious (and bored), I’ve posted many of my old videos from high school through college in a new YouTube channel:  GO GO GO!

The full pilot is up!

I’m working on getting a downloadable Quicktime online… but for now go ahead and check out the YouTube link to the left!

The new site is up!

The new site is now online, and I’m making my final preparations to release the full spec pilot online in the morning. Until then, the embedded YouTube video to the left will just be the trailer. Continue reading ‘The new site is up!’

Archive of the old Gamers site

For those of you who didn’t visit Put Gamers On TV last March and have no idea what’s going on, I recommend that you take a quick look at the archive of the original site.