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Site redesign

You know what sucks? Having to design your own website… especially if you’re not all that good at it!

I’ve updated the look of the site, made it easier to browse through the videos, changed a bit of the layout etc. Love it or hate it, this new design is here to stay for awhile.

Apart from all of that, I’m considering keeping up this trend of actually releasing new content on a regular basis by having a couple more videos out by the end of the month. Jared even quit his job to maximize our new video output. Get excited!


Featured? Cool!

Looks like the video I posted this morning has been featured at and… thanks to the respective editors at those sites for choosing it!

To many of you Game Trailer commenters: Jared’s eyes are the best thing that ever happened to the internet. What you don’t see in the video is me out of frame coaching him to look crazier!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun making this. Also, any gaming fans who have never been to this site before will probably get a kick out of another video games related project I’m working on…

Video: The JUSTIN BAILEY Conspiracy

Four videos inside of three weeks? Madness!

Anyway, this new short is for old-school Nintendo fans and gaming nerds. Surely, most of you remember (or at least know of) the infamous JUSTIN BAILEY code?

No one has ever known the origin of the code’s name… until now. All of your burning questions will be answered in “The Justin Bailey Conspiracy”

Warning: language and 8-bit nudity.


Video: Ben & Jared Part 2

Dying to find out what happens to Intern? Mildly curious? Part 2 of The New Adventures is finally here!

The New Adventures of Ben & Jared — Part 1 has been up on YouTube since last November, and I’ve finally got around to editing Part 2. Considering that we shot this entire thing almost a year ago, I suppose it’s about time to release it!

Now we’ve been talking about making more episodes of this series for a long time now, so this likely won’t be the last adventure of Ben & Jared. Hopefully I’ll be able to shoot an episode and turn it around in less than a year next time 🙂

Fixed the forums

You might think that after three weeks my webhost would be able to fix a problem that they caused. You’d be wrong. 

I ended up just biting the bullet and getting brushed up on my php skilz in order to fix the forums myself. Thank you useless webhost tech support team; hopefully you’ll refrain from breaking my website in the future. Ugh. 

So yeah. The forums are fixed. Enjoy.

WSMC 2008

This past weekend I returned for the 7th straight year to produce the short film/awards ceremony video for the Washington State Math Championship in my hometown of Blaine, Washington. The video features Jared Reilly and students from Blaine’s Middle School math team.

I’m actually on the road doing some shooting in Boston right now so I haven’t been able to update the WSMC page on the site, but I have uploaded a 22 MB Quicktime of the video, and also uploaded it here to my archive channel on YouTube. I didn’t upload it to my main profile because I use that account exclusively for web shorts, etc

Thanks to everyone who participated and for the great response to this year’s video! I hope to see all of you next year!

Forums are broken

Yeah so my web host did what web hosts do best: messed things up. I’m pressing them to get the forums back up and running, but who knows when that will actually happen. Hang tight!